Carpet Patching Arredondo, FL

A tear can happen in many different ways – your pet may dig at the carpet pulling the fibers loose. A piece of furniture could tear the carpet if dragged across the floor.

Lumps need to be stretched out and reshaped to make the carpet even. If untreated these lumps can be tripping hazards as well as turn into tears.

Every carpet has seen its share of stains – whether it be from pets, kids, or a glass of wine. If the spill is not treated immediately, chances are your carpet will get stained. If you call the pros at Carpet Nurse, we either do a deep clean on the carpet or our last resort is patching the piece of stained carpet.

Our services don’t just focus on the residential carpet, as we will also touch up your commercial carpet too. With the high cost of quality carpeting, it is only logical to pay a relatively small amount to fix minor damage.

If you really like your current carpet and just it touched up, call the best team around at 1-855-586-1757. Residents in Gainesville, Ocala, Tallahassee, Tampa, and Orlando have probably heard of us, but if you need our repair services don’t be a stranger.