Carpet Stretching and Repair in Columbus, OH

Carpet Nurse pros can re-stretch and repair your carpeting in Columbus, OH.

Have you noticed that your home’s carpets seem to be wavy and stretched in places? Are some sections showing signs of wear because of high levels of foot traffic or pets that have been clawing at them? If so, you may be thinking that you’ll have to replace the entire carpet in that specific room. However, our team here at Carpet Nurse will normally be able to re-stretch and even repair existing carpeting.

After contacting us, our team will set an appointment to examine your carpeting and provide you with various options regarding re-stretching and/or any repairs that are needed. If your pets have left badly clawed sections of carpet, chances are that the padding underneath will also be damaged. However, our team will be able to replace this, along with the section of carpeting in such a way that no one will ever know that repairs were done in that area. 

Before any stretching or repair work is started, our team will provide you with an estimate with regard to the cost. Once you approve this, they’ll be able to inform you when the work will be able to get done as well.

Before considering replacing any of your home’s carpets, call our team at Carpet Nurse today on 1-855-586-1757, or alternatively, you can visit our website to learn more about the repair and stretching services that we offer. We look forward to assisting you with restoring the carpeting throughout your home.


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