Carpet Stretching and Repair in Houston, TX

Contact Carpet Nurse in Houston, TX for your carpet repair and stretching services.

Over time, a home’s carpets will become damaged as a result of permanent stains and spills, pet-related damage, or even burns from cigarettes in some cases. Some types of carpeting also stretch over time, resulting in the appearance of unsightly wrinkles and waves – which present a tripping hazard. Here at Carpet Nurse, we will be able to assist you with various types of repairs, as well as re-stretching to get your carpeting looking good once again.

After contacting us, our team will come and assess the damage or amount of stretch on your carpeting to determine how much repair work or re-stretching will be needed in the affected areas. You’ll then be provided with a quote and date for getting the work done. In cases where indoor pets have damaged sections of carpeting, our team will usually be able to repair the affected sections to the point where no one will know that repairs have been done. 

When carpeting has been badly damaged, it may also be necessary to replace the padding underneath these areas. Our professionals will be able to do this for you as well. Before any work is done, they will fully assess the condition of your carpeting and provide recommendations with regard to repairs that will be needed.

Before ripping up your home’s carpeting because of a few damaged or stretched areas, give us a call on 1-855-586-1757 or visit our website to see how we can help get it looking as good as new again instead. We look forward to assisting you.