Carpet Stretching and Repair in San Francisco, CA

Are your home’s carpets damaged in places or have they developed wrinkles and waves in high foot traffic spots over the past few years? If so, our team can come to your property and stretch the affected areas until the waves and wrinkles are no longer visible – leaving your carpet looking as good as new again. 

As time goes by, it’s inevitable for carpeting to become damaged as a result of spills that have left permanent stains, pet scratches, and general wear and tear. In many cases, we will be able to repair just the affected sections – saving you a lot of money because of not having to replace an entire carpet. In situations where pets have scratched specific areas of your carpets to the point that they’re threadbare, we’ll also replace the carpet padding underneath the affected section. 

Pricing for our carpet stretching and repair services will vary depending on the scope of work that’s going to be performed. However, our team will be more than willing to come to your home, assess the damage and/or wrinkled areas, and provide you with a customized estimate for getting your carpets looking great again.

If you’re ready to give your home’s carpeting a new lease on life, look no further than our professional team here at Carpet Nurse. Call us today on 1-855-586-1757 to learn more about our carpet stretching and repair services or visit our website for more information regarding how we can help you.

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