Carpet Stretching and Repair in Seattle, WA

Carpet Nurse pros provide affordable carpet repair and re-stretching services in Seattle, WA.

As time passes, the carpets throughout your home may start forming ripples in places due to the material stretching. Damage may also have occurred to parts of a carpet as a result of spills, stains, general wear and tear, and pet-related damage. Although you may think the whole carpet will need replacement in cases like these, our team at Carpet Nurse can often perform re-stretching or repairs to get it looking as good as new again. 

If you have Berber carpeting that has snagged in places, this can also be removed so that further snagging doesn’t occur. We can also install replacement tack strips and thresholds to ensure that your existing carpeting stays in place afterward. When we provide you with an estimate for getting the job done, you can rest assured that there will be no hidden costs that will crop up afterward – the price on your estimate is the price you pay.

After you’ve contacted us, we will come out and assess the carpets in your home. From there, recommendations will be provided to you, along with a cost estimate for the work. In cases where carpeting has been badly damaged in sections, we will also replace the padding underneath these areas to restore its overall appearance. Once our team has completed the job, you’ll most likely not even see where the repairs were done! Contact Carpet Nurse by calling 1-855-586-1757 or simply browse our website to learn more about the services we provide.