Will it be Cheaper to Install Vinyl or Carpet?

If you are a property owner, you’ll probably have to replace the flooring. However, you may be finding it difficult to choose between carpeting or vinyl flooring because you do not know enough about how much each one costs and whether they have any potential pros and cons. Below is information that will help you make the best possible choice between carpeting and vinyl flooring.


1. Vinyl

If you don’t have much time for housework or cleaning carpets, vinyl flooring will be a better option. Vinyl is also water-resistant and easy to keep clean, making it an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Scratches and dings can quickly show if sharp or heavy items are dropped on this flooring.

2. Carpeting

Carpeting requires more cleaning and maintenance than vinyl flooring. Vacuuming should be done at least once weekly; professional cleaning is usually needed annually. Stains can generally be prevented if spills are cleaned immediately, but this may not always be true.


1. Vinyl

Vinyl flooring can be relatively comfortable underfoot if installed over a cork or foam layer. In some cases, vinyl can also be purchased with a padded underlay. As a result, vinyl is a lot more comfortable underfoot today than it was a few decades ago.

2. Carpet

Hands down, carpeting will always be more comfortable and warmer underfoot than any other flooring. Carpeting also dampens sound throughout a home – something vinyl flooring often cannot do nearly as well. Though the carpet may not suit allergy sufferers, its fibers hold onto dust and several allergens.


1. Vinyl

This is far more durable than carpets and is an excellent choice for high-traffic rooms. If a good quality product is purchased and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions, vinyl flooring can last over 20 years.

2. Carpet

If correctly maintained, carpeting can be durable. However, its ability to stain renders it less durable than vinyl flooring. Nylon carpeting is one of the better choices for areas with a lot of foot traffic.


1. Vinyl

In many cases, vinyl flooring will cost less to install than carpeting. Expect to pay anywhere from $2 to $12 per square foot, depending on your chosen product quality. Luxury vinyl tiles may cost more, though.

2. Carpet

When shopping for carpeting, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3 to as much as $25 per square foot for higher-quality products. The main factor affecting the cost is the type of carpeting chosen.

Although vinyl flooring may be cheaper initially, it may not always last as long as some types of carpeting. However, in most cases, the cost of vinyl flooring or carpets will depend on the style, color, and level of quality you choose. Once installed, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding care and maintenance.

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