Dream Weaver Carpet Review

Although many property owners have started using laminate, vinyl, or tiled flooring, there are still many reasons why carpeting can be a fantastic option as well. However, the sheer amount of choice with regards to available carpets on the market today can cause homeowners to feel overwhelmed or even think that they might not know how to make the best choice. This need not be the case when shopping for Dream Weaver carpet products though.

Several Options Available

While there are several options available in the Dream Weaver range with regards to styles, colors, and price points, customers can rest assured that they will be obtaining good quality – regardless of what they choose. All of this is despite the fact that the company has only been in business for about a decade.

Main Features of Dream Weaver Carpets

Although there are many more options available in the Dream Weaver range, the three mentioned below will provide property owners with an idea of what to expect when shopping at the different price points.

1. Keystone Plus

If you are on a relatively tight flooring budget, but would still like to install carpeting that is attractive and classy, this range will be ideal. The Keystone Plus range is currently available in eight shades of brown ranging from pale beige to darker honey shades.

Carpets in the Seascape range have been manufactured with P2 PureColor technology, which means that they are sold with a 15-year guarantee for abrasive wear resistance; stain resistance, manufacturing defects, and even texture retention. It is important to note though, that this carpeting is not recommended for homes where there will be pets living indoors.

2. Seascape

Property owners who have a slightly larger budget may be able to find suitable options in this range for carpeting. The Seascape range provides a higher level of protection than products in the Keystone Plus selection, meaning that they can be a great choice for homes where there are a few pets living indoors.

These carpets have been sold with a P2 PureColor technology 15-year guarantee against staining, abrasive wear, and texture loss and potential manufacturing defects, and this also includes a lifetime pet stain warranty.

Another advantage is that there is a larger range of colors to choose from in the Seascape carpeting range. This range has been described as the ideal balance between a higher level of quality at a more affordable price.

3. Jamboree

This is one of the higher-rated carpeting options in the Dream Weaver range and it is classified as a premium quality product. The carpeting in this range is sold with a 25-year warranty against wear and tear, pet stains, manufacturing defects, and much more. Customers are able to select from 12 different shades of brown when shopping from the Jamboree range.

Why Choose Dream Weaver Carpeting?

When shopping for new carpets, homeowners often ask, “Why should we shop from the Dream Weaver Range?” Below are just a few of the reasons why these carpets are an excellent choice for virtually every home.

  • Pure Color Technology. This is a top-quality solution-dyed fiber that has proven itself to be a lot more durable than most other average carpet fibers with regards to stain protection, color retention, and fiber wear
  • Lifetime Warranty. Dream Weaver is so confident in the quality level of their products that the company has provided customers with a lifetime warranty on them.
  • Breathe-easy Design. The company has designed its carpets in such a way that they are as allergy-friendly as possible. Although many other carpet products on the market have the ability to retain allergens within their fibers and enable them to easily escape, Dream Weaver has specifically formulated their carpet fibers in such a way that allergens are firmly trapped within these fibers until such time as they are vacuumed out

Green Carpeting

Over the past few years, more property owners than ever before have been basing their flooring choices on their levels of sustainability and eco-friendliness. The Dream Weaver carpeting company has committed to sustainability by using up to 30% less energy and almost 90% less water than its competitors. In addition, it also emits more than 40% fewer greenhouse gases than other carpeting manufacturers, making it one of the greenest choices in the industry.

Getting the Right Carpeting

Ensuring that you select the right carpeting for each room in your home is crucial. For example, you certainly don’t want to install light beige or overly plush carpeting in your family room or passageway because it will show dirt and foot marks in no time. Most carpet suppliers have employees who will be able to provide you with recommendations regarding the types of carpeting that will be best for the different areas of your home.

Although it can be tempting to purchase the cheapest carpeting you can find price should never be your main motivating factor for choosing, specific floor covering. Instead, it is better to set a realistic budget before searching for new carpeting. This will enable you to have a wider range of products to choose from and you stand a higher chance of obtaining a better quality product this way as well.

Carpeting that has a shorter pile or that is more tightly woven will be best suited to areas that experience higher levels of foot traffic, whereas plush carpets or those that are lighter colored will serve better in areas such as study rooms or guest bedrooms. Patterned carpeting will also be a great choice for areas that are used regularly because it will not show dirt as easily as plain colors.

Before purchasing carpets, it is a good idea to read as many online reviews as possible. This will provide you with information regarding which products are worth purchasing and whether a specific supplier is willing to uphold their warranties or not. After all, carpets are costly and you wouldn’t want to replace them after just a few years because you have chosen an inferior product.

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