High Pile vs Low Pile Carpet: What’s the Difference?

It’s time to go carpet shopping! That just involves finding something with a pretty color and pattern, right? Not quite.   

Before you run to the carpet store, you will want to determine whether you are looking for a high or low pile carpet. If you don’t know what that means yet, that’s ok! 

Simply read on to learn what carpet pile is and which kind may be the right for you!  

What is Carpet Pile?

Pile refers to the visible fabric loops of your carpet. Low pile carpet has shorter, tighter loops. High pile carpet has taller, looser loops.   

Low Pile Carpet 

There are many benefits to choosing low pile carpet. 

First of all, low pile carpet is the more budget friendly option. It tends to cost less per square foot than high pile carpet. It is also quite durable so it usually lasts longer.  

Low pile carpets are easier to clean than high pile carpets because is more difficult for dust, pet hair, and dirt to get stuck in the short fibers. Any debris that does get stuck can be easily swept up by your vacuum cleaner.  

Because it is short and easy to clean, low pile carpet is a great choice for homes of allergy sufferers and pet owners.   

The short, tight loops of the carpet also make for a smoother and flatter surface.  This makes it much easier to move toys, chairs, and a vacuum across the floor.

Low pile carpet is ideal for areas such as dining rooms, offices, and children’s playrooms. 

High Pile Carpet 

There are also some great benefits to choosing high pile carpet. High pile carpet tends to be more aesthetically pleasing to many people. It has a cozy, warm appearance that can make the home seem more inviting.    

High pile carpet is softer and more fluffy. It will feel more comfortable, especially on your bare feet. Families who enjoy sitting or lying down on the carpet regularly will be more likely to enjoy high pile carpet.   

Another perk of high pile carpet is its absorbency. The longer carpet can help dampen sound, absorb cold from a room, and provide a softer landing when a child falls.   

High pile carpet is less likely to flatten over time so you can maintain the new carpet look for years to come.  

Bedrooms and living rooms are ideal rooms to have high pile carpet. 

Which Pile is Your Style?

To recap, low pile carpet may be your best option if you have allergies or pets and want a carpet that is easy to clean.  If your main priority is to have a soft, comfortable carpet to sit and walk on, high pile carpet may be the way to go.  

Remember, you may need different carpet for different areas of your house. A high pile carpet that works great for your bedroom may not be the best fit for your dining room.  

Once you decide between low and high pile, check out these carpet reviews to help you make an even more informed decision of what carpet to buy!

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