Karastan Carpet Review: Pros and Cons

When it comes to choosing a new carpet for your home, there’s a lot that needs to be considered and taken into account. From finding the ideal carpet color, style, and thickness for your home to choosing a design that is suitable for your lifestyle. For anyone with kids or pets, the most common concern is dealing with spillages and preventing them from impacting the lifespan of any carpet that is purchased.

If the time has come to buy a new carpet for any area of your home, then you may be considering purchasing a Karastan carpet. However, before you opt to select this type of carpet for your home, you may want to know what makes this type of carpet the right choice for you. To help you decide if the Karastan carpet is the right choice for you, below we’ve put together this handy guide.

Karastan carpets – The basics

One of the most well-established names within the carpet industry, Karastan carpet is renowned for its incredible quality and innovative designs and has a heritage of over 80 years. The wide range of elegant and sophisticated carpet styles that Karastan offers come in a wide range of options, from more traditional designs to more modern and contemporary looks that are designed to work perfectly in both domestic and commercial environments.

Advantages of Karastan synthetic carpets

Offering carpets made from both synthetic and natural fibers, Karastan has a wide range of designs to choose from, with some carpets being a blend of both natural and synthetic fibers. The synthetic fibers used in these carpets are made from nylon, polyester, and polypropylene, with nylon being the predominant fiber in most designs due to its ability to create a more durable carpet that lasts longer.

Another advantage of the Karastan carpet range is the fact that some of the fibers used are Karastan ‘branded fibers’ which means that they are of a higher quality. (The benefit of branded fibers is the fact that they tend to offer a higher quality fiber and are usually designed with all of the most contemporary design processes in mind.) These fibers are produced by specialist synthetic fiber companies.

Karastan carpets include Stainmaster brand fiber, which also includes the brand’s Tactesse nylon fiber which is engineered for ‘softness wear’, and SmartStrand fiber made with DuPont Sorona, a material that is partially made from corn sugar. The other fibers used include Karalon and Ultrastrand which incorporates Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel technology. A huge benefit of this fiber is the fact it’s stain-resistant and also environmentally friendly. It was designed at a molecular level to resist stains; this is important as other stain-resistant fibers have the resistance applied to them which ends up wearing off over time, whereas this fiber has it built into its structure. Another bonus of this fiber is the fact it’s manufactured partially from renewable sources, unlike other synthetic fibers.

Advantages of Karastan natural carpets

Not only are Karastan carpets made with synthetic fibers but also with natural fibers too, one of these fibers is wool.

Did you know that Karastan carpets are the largest processor of wool in the US? It’s this fact that sets the brand apart from other major carpet creators. What with the wool being New Zealand wool, a type of ‘super wool’ that has a superior fiber; the color of it means it can easily accept dye and retains it well too. Wool is a highly durable fiber, which has a natural resiliency, which allows it to outlast synthetic fibers in many instances.

Another advantage of Karastan’s natural carpets is the fact that they are the only company to make ‘worsted wool’ carpets. Worsted wool is processed in a special way, through a combing and carding process that creates longer parallel fibers which are then tightly wound to create a strong yarn used to make this strong carpet fiber.

Karastan carpets – Available colors and patterns

Karastan carpets come in a wide range of colors and shades. There are contemporary designs, traditional ones, animal prints, checkered, casual, and floral, with each design option coming in a wide range of colors, from subtle neutrals like cream, beige, and grey, to brighter and bolder tones. For each color that’s available, there’s also an array of different hues. Whatever your personal preference, there are various options available to match your tastes and your home or business’s decor.

The texture of Karastan carpets

Offering a wide variety of different textures, the Karastan carpet range has an option for every need. Whatever your personal preference and taste, there’s sure to be a carpet that’s the ideal fit for your home.

The four main carpet textures offered by Karastan are: Berbers / Loop Piles, Cut and Loop Piles, Cut Piles, and Shag.

Carpet backing for Karastan carpets

It’s worth investing in carpet backing when you purchase a Karastan carpet backing, as it will create a softer and more comfortable carpet. Plus, it will also add to the finish that you get and will hold your carpet together properly. There are various carpet cushion options to choose from, but the most commonly used is urethane foam.

Karastan makes its own premium carpet cushion called Karastep. It comes in a range of options, with the Karastep Prima Cushion being its most popular option. Due to the fact it includes visco-elastic memory foam, it easily conforms under pressure but it returns to its natural shape, unlike many carpet backing types.

Are Karastan carpets worth it?

Whether you are a homeowner looking for a new living room carpet that’s family-friendly or a landlord that’s looking for a stain-resistant option for your property, the Karastan range is worth considering. Offering a wide range of carpet types, from natural and synthetic to combined designs, to a range of colors and styles, their carpets are designed to be of high quality and are built to stand the test of time.

It’s worth mentioning that the Karastan carpets all come with a warranty that covers abrasive wear, manufacturing defects, stain resistance, texture retention, fade-resistant, soil-resistant, anti-static, and moth and insect issues. However, the type of carpet impacts the warranty type and the terms of coverage. What sets these warranties apart though is that they offer a 20-year abrasive warranty and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Overall, there is a wide range of reasons why you should opt to buy a Karastan carpet, from their high-quality designs to their stain-resistant technology, these carpets go above and beyond.

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