Pet-Friendly Flooring: A Look at the Best Carpets for Pets

Having pets doesn’t mean you have to compromise on great flooring options for your home. But choosing the right variety is essential. Pet-friendly carpeting is durable and easy to clean. The carpet is made to be durable so that it can withstand pet hair, dander, or any accidents that may happen. So before you shop for new flooring, read below for the best carpets for pets!

What to Look for In Carpets For Pets

As you start shopping for pet-friendly flooring, pay attention to the material of the carpet. Nylon carpet is better when it comes to stains, but polyester can also be cleaned pretty easily. Avoid wool carpeting because it’s difficult to stain-proof and even harder to get stains out.

Even if your cat or dog is well-trained, accidents can happen and you want to be prepared. So start your carpet search with nylon, polyester, or olefin carpet. 

If you have an active pet and need a high-traffic carpet, avoid loop carpeting. While it’s nice to look at, it can be a hazard if your pet’s nails get caught. Synthetic fibers hold up better in the durability department.

Finally, if you’re worried about noticeable paw marks or dirt tracks, consider a darker colored carpet or a flecked carpet to make the dirt less noticeable in between cleans.

Keep reading for the top 3 pet proof carpet options for your home.

1. StainMaster PetProtect Textured Carpet

As the name suggests, this is a pet-compatible carpet for animal lovers. It’s a nylon carpet designed to resist static and stains. The fibers of the StainMaster carpet are meant to make vacuuming up pet hair easier. And with the StainMaster carpet cushion, you can also protect against pet odors. 

StainMaster offers one of the largest color and style selections for pet-friendly flooring. So if you’re looking to have options to choose from, check out StainMaster first.

2. Mohawk SmartStrand

No matter what kind of pet you have, Mohawk offers an “all pet” guarantee on their carpets. The SmartStrand collection is durable and stain-resistant. This carpet doesn’t absorb moisture, making it easier to to clean and less likely to hold on to odor.

The lifetime stain protection makes Mohawk a top choice for pet proof carpet. Mohawk may cost a bit more than other brands, but the durability can’t be beat.

3. Shaw Floors Subtle Aura 

Pet-friendly carpet from Shaw floors is comfortable for people and pets. It’s 100% nylon and stain and soil resistant. The nylon material acts as insulation too which helps control sound and temperature.

If you have a pet prone to accidents, try Shaw. This carpet is made to resist liquid stains and prevent absorption below the surface. This way, even if you can’t clean up right away, the stain won’t set in.

Don’t Compromise on Carpet

You love your pets. But you love your home too. And you shouldn’t have to decide between keeping your pet and having the flooring you want. 

So use the tips and suggestions above when picking out great carpets for you and great carpets for pets.

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