Shaw Carpet Review

Choosing the right carpet is crucial to getting the right feel, color, and long-lasting design you need. If you have children or pets (or both!) the wrong carpet could be ruined within a few minutes of the first glass of juice being toppled or the dog rushing in covered in mud. But, with the right carpet, the whole family can relax and enjoy the space together without a worry in the world.

As carpet is such an expensive decision to make, you need to have as much information at your fingertips as possible to ensure that you get the right carpet for your needs and can be sure that it will last as long as possible. Carpet really is an investment for your house so you only really want to be carpet shopping every couple of decades or so – if not longer!

Shaw Industries Group supplies a wide range of different carpets covering all the basic needs you could think of. They also supply hardwood floors, laminate, vinyl, and tiles so whatever you prefer, you are bound to find it here. But, with 377 styles of carpet offer, Shaw offers a real diversity of choice for your perfect carpet.

While not every carpet will be perfect for every space, and each individual room will require slightly different things, many of the Shaw carpets appear to be hard-wearing and generally good for families including pets and children. To get a better idea of what you can expect, we’ve broken the carpets down to look at the colors, patterns, textures, materials, and backings that can all alter the way you choose your carpet.

By evaluating the carpets this way, you too should get an idea of what is on offer as well as what you are likely to need. Of course, to choose a carpet you should always see it in-store and take time to look at a sample in your own home in different areas of the chosen room and at different times of the day. Doing this will ensure that you are completely happy with the carpet and enjoy your purchase.

A Color for Every Scheme

When you first decide upon a carpet, it is likely that the color is the first consideration you have. While cream may look chic and beautiful in a modernist apartment, families should have a look at other colors that are less likely to reveal any stains that may occur over the years.

Shaw carpets come in a wide range of colors including:

  • Beige
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Violet

All of these colors are chosen to suit modern tastes and will fit in nicely with your chosen color scheme. Plus, many of these colorways are available with flecks of other colors, creating a much softer look that is even better at disguising stains, muck, and dust. This is ideal for busy families and if you are furnishing a house for let, it is also ideal for disguising stains caused by renters.

Having so many different shades to choose from is also a bonus as it means that you can get exactly what you are looking for, not just the closest thing. Take a few swatches home with you and try them out in different areas of your room to see how the light affects each one. This is a good method for any big decorating project as it is likely to change your mind about what you like. Do remember that color will look quite different in a brightly lit warehouse compared to your softer home lighting.

Every Pattern You Could Wish For

Plain carpets are probably the most popular as they provide a neutral backdrop to help your furniture stand out and keep the room feeling nice and calm. However, the right pattern can lend your interior design a helping hand and create a completely new feel.

There are all kinds of patterns available from large tropical leaf patterns that are sure to fit in with the rainforest themes currently trending in interior design to more modernist carpets with delicate chevron patterns that lead the eye very gently around the room. Each pattern is also available in several different colorways so that whatever you are looking for, you won’t be disappointed.

While many of the patterns are created using different shades or colors, some of the patterns such as All At Once are created by using different thicknesses and densities of loops. This is a lovely way to create a new texture as well as develop the pattern and adds a new dimension to your experience of the carpet. Under bare feet, you will be able to feel the pattern of the carpet as well as see it.

Texture and Feel

Just as many textures are created through the use of pattern, it is important to understand that the texture of a carpet is also down to the combination of fibers used and the method for making the carpet. For example, some carpets are thickly piled with long strands of fiber to create a sinking feeling as you step forwards whereas others use closely wound loops to create a much thinner but ultimately stronger carpet.

The texture you choose will depend largely upon the location you choose to put your carpet. In an area of high traffic, a thicker, denser carpet will show less wear over the years, but in areas used slightly less such as your living room, a long pile carpet will provide warmth and comfort. So, in your hallways, you should look for a looped carpet that will ideally be made of nylon for the longest-lasting high quality. However, in your bedroom, a softer polyester will probably be just fine.

Shaw offers both loop and twist style carpets in many different styles so that you can choose the right type for the area it will go for. However, their website does not give any details about the depth of the carpet piles so you would have to go and visit a store to get the details you are looking for. Remember that if you are planning to open a door over a carpet, you may need to alter the door so that it can be moved more easily over a thicker carpet.

Which Material is Best?

Carpets can be made out of all kinds of different materials and have been traditionally made with wool for the best combination of warmth, softness, and durability. In our modern era, man-made materials have been introduced to carpet production and in many cases have superseded the traditional materials and methods. Man-made materials tend to be much cheaper to produce, but they are also more able to hold bright, bold colors without risking fading or sun-bleaching over the years.

Shaw offers carpets made from several materials including:

  • Anso Nylon
  • Cleartouch Polyester
  • R2X Nylon
  • Stainmaster Nylon


Polyester is a popular material for making carpets, especially if you are looking for a long-lasting bold color that will resist fading and stains. Cleartouch polyester is a design made by Shaw to make the most of this material and bring new beautiful designs to their customers. On balance, polyester is a good and relatively eco-friendly way of making a carpet and, as it can be woven in different ways, provides plenty of different textures and patterns too.

While polyester is not as durable as nylon, these carpets should withstand the activities of the average family. And if not, then you can use your warranty to get a different carpet, better suited to your home.


Nylon is one of the most durable man-made materials for carpet and the Anso, R2X, and Stainmaster are all ideal for any family home. Though many nylon carpets are not particularly stain-resistant, Shaw treats all nylon carpets to improve their resistance and to keep the color in top condition.

The premium brand, Anso is designed with comfort in mind and the soft fibers are perfect for a bedroom or living area. This type of material is great for improving the warmth of a room and creates instant insulation for better energy efficiency too. The Anso carpet has been Cradle to Cradle Silver certified for its positive impact on people as well as the environment.

Which Backing Should I Choose?

Carpet backing is the underpart that you shouldn’t be able to see. In general, this part hides away all the stitching required to make the carpet and holds the whole thing together. While Shaw lists 3 types of backing, Soft Bac throws up no results. The other types are LifeGuard and Classic Bac.

The classic carpet backing does exactly what you would expect, but LifeGuard throws something new into the mix. As a waterproof backing, having LifeGuard will make this type of carpet suitable for spaces where water spillage is likely such as the bathroom and the kitchen. This is great if you would prefer to have carpet in these rooms but are worried about mold growing because the carpet fibers will not absorb any of the liquid.

The LifeGuard layer also helps to protect your carpet underlay from any water damage by creating a seal between the layers just as vinyl would. But the real advantage is that you wouldn’t have any idea anything was different about the carpet until you knock over a drink.

Always Active

Some of the carpets Shaw sells are labeled as ‘Always Active’ indicating that these particular carpets are the best place for families with young children and pets. As these carpets tend to be harder wearing, they will last much longer and put up with the harsher treatment to be expected from boisterous pets and children.

Pets and children are probably the most likely source of chaos for your carpet, knocking things over and dragging in the muck, so knowing that your carpet has been designed for this kind of abuse is very reassuring. Rather than constantly worrying that the carpet is about to be ruined, you can relax knowing that the high quality you paid for is assured.

Shaw Carpet – Made in the USA

Another benefit of Shaw carpets is that all of the fibers and carpets are made entirely in the USA. This is good because it makes the carpets much more environmentally friendly as far less transportation is required. Being made in the USA is also a statement about the high-quality Shaw consistently endeavors to provide.

Shaw Carpet Review | The Verdict

Given that Shaw has such a wide range of carpets to choose from, with lots of different colors, textures, and patterns as well as carpets that are waterproof, this could be a good place to start your carpet hunt and begin refining what your needs are.

Unfortunately, not all carpet styles can be made waterproof so while you have a wide choice in other carpets, if you are looking specifically for the kitchen or bathroom, you do have a smaller selection at your disposal. However, given the success of LifeGuard, it seems to be worth the investment, even if you have to compromise on the color and pattern.

Furthermore, as some of the functions on the website make the online store quite difficult to navigate, you really do need to go and see the carpet and speak to someone in-store to find out all the details about each product. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – you should always feel a carpet before you buy it anyway – but it does mean that what might look perfect online may turn out not to work at all. You can order samples online if you so wish.

Overall, the variety and quality are the best selling points for Shaw carpet, and being able to see so many different colors and patterns in the same place is a great opportunity to grab. Be sure to take advantage of the free samples, take them home with you to make your overall decision.

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