Shaw LifeGuard Carpet Review

When shopping for carpets for home or office environments, most property owners want to ensure that they will be getting the best value for money possible from the products they choose. This leads many of them to consider purchasing items from the Shaw Lifeguard range. Below are a few great reasons why property owners should consider having these carpets installed.

A Thermoplastic Commercial Grade Backing and RX2

The thermoplastic backing on the Shaw LifeGuard provides a highly effective moisture barrier that prevents liquids from being able to soak into carpet padding and subflooring. In addition to this, the Lifeguard carpeting range has also been treated with Shaw’s exclusive and patented R2X Stain and Soil Resistance system, meaning that their carpets are extremely resistant to general soiling and staining.

How the RX2 System Works

The RX2 stain resistance system on Shaw’s Lifeguard carpeting products works by providing excellent overall fiber protection, and it also allows more time to react when a spill occurs. Although most other types of polypropylene and polyester carpeting products are known to attract dirt and stains, the RX2 is known to perform exceptionally well – even after several cleanings and a significant amount of use over time.

Ideal for High Traffic Areas and Busy Families

When searching for Shaw Lifeguard carpet reviews, property owners will be pleased to know that this particular product is ideal for use in high traffic areas. It is also the perfect product to install in homes where there are children and pets at play because of its extensive dirt-resistant qualities.

Available in Many Color Options

Previously, anyone who wanted durable and long-lasting carpet products would have had to be willing to be limited to a few color and texture options. However, Shaw’s LifeGuard range has been manufactured in 21 different style options, each of which has several different colors to choose from. This enables home and business owners to choose to carpet that will complement the rest of their office furniture or home décor – without ever having to compromise on durability or stain resistance.

When shopping for carpeting, too many property owners make the mistake of trying to spend as little as possible – resulting in them being provided with poor quality products. Instead, spending as much as you can comfortably afford will enable you to obtain a product like Shaw’s LifeGuard carpeting, which will look attractive and last for many years after being installed.

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