The Best Rooms in Your Home for Wall to Wall Carpeting

Hanging on to your carpet for too long can be a health hazard. It also downgrades the quality of your home. When frequent vacuuming and a deep cleaning can’t restore your carpet to a “like new” condition, it might be time to replace it

However, not every room is ideal for wall-to-wall carpeting. While a full house of carpet was once an on-trend way of life, today’s homes can benefit from carpeting in rooms where comfort takes priority over other popular flooring types. 

Which rooms should get priority for wall to wall carpeting? Here are our best recommendations. 

The Bedroom

Waking up to a cold hardwood or tile floor can jar you into a grumpy mood. Even with a few rugs, hard flooring surfaces can make your bedroom too cold in the winter and difficult to keep cool in the summer. 

A home’s bedrooms should be places of warmth and comfort. These casual rooms don’t need a more formal look or feel of hardwood or high-quality laminate flooring.

If your kids play on the floor in their rooms, treat them to soft carpeting that’s easy to clean. Softer flooring also helps protect them from injuries during rougher play or falls. You’ll also enjoy placing your feet on the floor and feeling luxurious carpeting underfoot when you wake up every morning!


A carpeted playroom offers the same benefits as carpeting in your kids’ bedrooms. Softer floors help prevent injuries while keeping your kids comfortable while they play. 

Carpeting can be easier to keep clean than tile flooring in a playroom that experiences daily kid-friendly activity. Choose carpeting that can hold up to toys, kids running and jumping, and that cleans easily with once or twice-weekly vacuuming and annual deep cleaning. 

You also have stain-resistant options when choosing the best carpet for your playroom. 

The Living Room

Hardwood or laminate flooring can add a formal touch to your living room, but it might not be the most comfortable way to spend your evenings with the family. While we love hardwood flooring, reserving it for hallways and more formal areas can be a cost-effective way to incorporate it into your home’s design—while choosing high-end, stain-resistant carpeting for the living room. 

The right carpet can hide pet fur, add luxury (with comfort), and match any decor for your living room. 

Rooms to Avoid

Carpet “can” go anywhere, but it’s not ideal for every room in your home. Avoid carpeting in rooms that experience wet conditions, like bathrooms and kitchens. 

When carpet experiences frequent drips, spills, and splashes, it looks dingy and can encourage mold and mildew growth. Choose tile or laminate flooring to finish bathrooms and kitchen spaces with durable flooring that works well with the carpeting in other rooms throughout your home. 

Wall to Wall Carpet Looks Best With Professional Installation

Installing wall to wall carpet can be challenging! Make sure your nice, new carpet looks its best after installation with a professional team of installers. Contact us for a free estimate! 

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